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Annie Pham

Annie Pham (she/hers)

Imagine coming home from school and seeing all the furniture rearranged on a whim every other day since it felt “suffocating like an entrapment.” Unopened cereal boxes are found hoarded in the cupboard since “you never know when the next sale is” or having to keep the living room lights off since “it will draw attention from neighbors”. Though these all seemed normal growing up, Annie did not realize that many of these reactions may be a trauma response or mental health related challenge of those in her family who were impacted by the Vietnam War and refugee history. These personal experiences have fueled Annie’s interest in addressing mental health in Vietnamese American communities and advocating for more culturally sensitive health services. In her gap years before pursuing a Master’s degree in Social Work/Welfare, Annie is happy to spend her time learning and growing at MFPI where she can raise awareness about mental health and give back to her local community.

  • Location: Garden Grove, CA
  • Involvements: MFPI Apprenticeship, Immersion Program Coordinator, Project SUCCESS Instructor, Suicide Support Services Coordinator, CARE Champions Member, Media Impact Team Member
  • Language: English & Vietnamese

Did You Know? Annie likes eating all food at room temperature, even soups.