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Moving Forward Psychological Institute was developed to address the current and increasing mental health crises in workplaces, schools, homes, and communities. As a result-focused organization, we aim to provide the best possible mental health services that are not only remedies, but solutions.


We at Moving Forward Psychological Institute, Inc. (MFPI), strive to prevent mental health crises, reduce their associated costs, and ultimately save lives.


Our mission is to engage with the community by offering culturally-adaptive, personalized developmental training, therapy services, and supportive resources that promote healing and empower individuals to move forward.


To serve with

  • Compassion – Treating individuals with respect and dignity
  • Acceptance – Meeting individuals at their unique points of need
  • Reassurance – Offering individuals hope and encouragement
  • Empowerment – Equipping people with the tools to achieve self-reliance

If you have more questions regarding our company, please send us a message or reach us through our provided contact details.