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We are a result-focused organization developed to address the current and increasing mental health crisis in the workplace, schools, homes, and communities.


The majority of man-made disasters and disruptive crisis are preventable. We at Moving Forward Psychological Institute, Inc. (MFPI), passionately strive to help prevent small crises from escalating into organizational disasters.

We are a valuable resource to US companies, academia and community organizations by proactively providing education, intervention techniques, and crisis deterrence strategies that affect workplace safety, personnel security, employee well-being, and business productivity.


Moving Forward integrates with businesses and organizations to simply do 3 things:

  1. ) Educate through consultative training and assess where companies need to strengthen preparedness.
  2. ) Assist and develop monitoring and oversight systems, tools and techniques for early prevention and intervention.
  3. ) Provide support when a crisis occurs, with counseling and other post-traumatic services.

If you have more questions regarding our company, please send us a message or reach us through our provided contact details.