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Paul Hoang

Paul C. Hoang, LCSW – MFPI President & CEO (he/him)

Paul has been actively working in the fields of mental health, spirituality, community building & organizing, and resource development/enhancement for almost 20 years. Since 2008, Paul has specialized in Emergency Mental Health and Disaster Response Services as well as training professionals and non-professionals in Crisis Prevention and Intervention. In addition to his extensive field experience and clinical skills, Paul’s holistic, mindfulness and solution-focused approach makes him effective in mobilizing and increasing collaboration among stakeholders, community partners, law enforcement agencies, government agencies, and community leaders to identify and address areas for growth. Paul developed the LPS 5150 Designation Certificate clinical curriculum for a local Orange County and has served as the clinical instructor from 2009-2019. Paul has trained over 1000 mental health and law enforcement professionals, community members, and leaders.

  • Location: Orange County, CA
  • Specialties: Crisis/Emergency Mental Health, SPMI, Families & Children, Gambling Addiction, Relationship, Trauma, Culturally Adaptive Response, Faith-based Healing, Suicide Prevention & Intervention. Can work with all ages.
  • Language: English & Vietnamese

Did You Know? Paul has backpacked solo through 4 countries in Asia for 1 month. Paul loves sports, outdoor activities, music, and food. He spends his time intentionally building and enhancing meaningful relationships.