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Mina Pham

Mina Pham, LCSW (she/hers)

Mina became interested in the field of social work after navigating her own challenges from her childhood upbringing. Mina pursued her masters in social work and continues to be fascinated and inspired by the on-going development of the field. Since graduating, Mina has been working with older adults in areas of mental health, medical care, and end of life for the past 5 years. Mina’s personal experience and knowledge has allowed her to work effectively with clients from different backgrounds and walks of life.

  • Location: Orange County, CA
  • Specialties: older adults, aging and elderly care, cancer care, hospice, in-patient hospital, community resources, discharge planning, motivational interviewing, strength-based therapy
  • Language: English & Vietnamese

Did You Know? In her free time, Mina likes to focus on her physical health by running, cycling, weight lifting, and doing Pilates.