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Alyssa Huerta

Taylor Nguyen (she/hers)

Taylor is a proud dog-lover and avid traveler who’s always on the move. Taylor has attended more schools than she can count and has lived in a new city every five years at most. Her passion has always been to help people and promote multiculturalism, which fits perfectly with her therapeutic scope of CBT and psychodynamics. Taylor’s studies have pointed her in the direction of incorporating a social justice and multicultural lens, which is essential for navigating this wonderfully complex modern world we live in.
She is graduating from her Master’s in mental health wellness and counseling programme from New York University this August, and with any luck, she will be a decent counsellor by then. So, here’s to helping people, embracing diversity, and maybe finally staying put in one place… at least for a little while.

  • Location:Orange County, CA
  • Involvements: MFPI Clinical Intern
  • Language: English and Vietnamese

Did You Know?Taylor once rocked a spiffy uniform as a proud member of the National Cadet Corps for a year and a half! From mastering drills to surviving the infamous boot camp challenges, she learned the art of discipline and teamwork while sporting some seriously stylish attire.