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Nathan Le

Nathan Le (he/him)

Nathan, or “Nate,” has been fascinated by the field of mental health ever since he was in high school. His interest began when his best friend was diagnosed with bipolar disorder at 15 years old, and he started to recognize some of the concepts he had learned in psychology class as applicable to support her. Since then, Nathan has been learning as much as he could about psychology for the past 8 years, especially in this recent year through working at MFPI. From shadowing client therapy sessions to leading his own street outreach program for unhoused individuals, MFPI has given Nathan numerous hands-on learning opportunities. The most enjoyable part of being at MFPI for him is the ability to grow into a better person. He can proudly state that MFPI has helped him have a more open mind as well as expand his empathic abilities.

  • Location: Fountain Valley, CA
  • Involvements: MFPI Apprenticeship, CARE Champions Project Coordinator
  • Language: English

Did You Know? Nathan’s favorite animal is a dog. He has a pocket bully of his own who he calls his son.