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Tom Nguyen

Tom Nguyen (he/him)

Tom has always had interest in the field of mental health ever since high school, but it wasn’t until his college years where that interest grew into a passion. His fascination piqued when he experienced, as well as later provided, academic peer counseling services at UCLA. During these sessions, he would meet with college students to help them navigate their unique undergraduate and career journey. Through these, he was able to understand how important mental health and holistic wellness played a role in someone’s satisfaction and successes. To further pursue his experiences and knowledge of the field, he joined MFPI, where he got to shadow mental health professionals and participate in C.A.R.E Champions project, a street outreach program for unhoused individuals. The most enjoyable part of being at MFPI is the community in which he works with. MFPI has provided a supportive environment that helps him professionally and personally grow while still learning and enjoying what he is doing.

  • Location: Fountain Valley, CA
  • Involvements: CARE Champions Member
  • Language: English

Did You Know? Tom’s favorite go-to and all-time favorite drink is the House Coffee from 7 Leaves. He always gets one whenever coming to or leaving from MFPI.